DataBank is a cloud based backup and recovery solution that provides SMBs with offsite backup services through an internet connection. Other than just providing you with an alternative to conventional backup practices like tape and static external media, DataBank is a solution that serves you with the technology to manage your daily business data. It provides secure, reliable, efficient protection of your organization’s critical data, as it grows With DataBank; you get a world-class data protection infrastructure that lets you safeguard your organization’s critical data – whether it’s your desktop computers, local servers or laptops at minimal investments. Your data is always compressed, encrypted and then transmitted to a data center via encrypted connections similar to those used with online banking.

Our set-it-and-forget-it approach with DataBank has proven successful to a wide range of small and medium businesses that are now focusing more towards their core business activities other than worrying about the management of their ever growing data. DataBank provides you with our easy to manage interfaces and regular reports sent directly to your email to help you keep track of what’s happening to your data. The data is always within your reach whenever you need it—with multiple options for fast, foolproof recovery.

DataBank is a subscription based solution where you subscribe for space (in Gigabytes) according the size of your business data in which you pay a periodical fee according to the space subscribed. Once you subscribe, your computing environment will be installed with client software that takes charge of scanning through your files and folders for changes, compress and encrypt any new or changed data while at the same time checking for the deleted data then uploading the information to our data center through a secure (SSL) connection. Your data stays encrypted in our data center; you are the only person who has the decryption key and can access the information anytime you want.


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Compfix Data Limited, a privately owned data management firm that provides proven solutions for disaster recovery, retention, security and discovery of electronic information. Our innovative technologies combined with flexible deployment options form solutions to solve organizations' most rigorous compliance and data management problems. .

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Compfix Data Ltd. has relaunched the new look corporate website. The site which include other data management solutions that we offer in the market such as online backup for SMBs, Network security, secure data wiping and data consolidation

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