Data recovery process and pricing

Data recovery pricing factors:

We feel that it is important for customers to have a feel of our data recovery pricing. We do not have hidden costs whatsoever. During your submission of data media to our lab, our engineers could discuss with you the problem and follow up by a quick physical inspection and a recovery (if need be) and estimate is made known to you before evaluation. However we cannot be able to give the exact cost before evaluation due to the factors that have been outlined below.


After evaluation, an exact quote will be generated and sent to the customers for confirmation before any work is done.

Recovery charges are based on complexity factors which are related to:

Types of disk (interface, model and size)


  • Failure modes
  • Types of operating system
  • User attempts before sending
  • Any special user 's requirements


Types of Hard disk

The disk could be IDE, SATA or SCSI, ranging from a few GB to near TB from different manufacturers. For instance, it is a well known fact that SCSI disk is harder to recover than IDE disk. It is also more difficult to recover data from a larger disk capacity as the magnetic density, the number of read write heads and the level of technological complexity increase with disk capacity. It is also not surprise that certain disk models are extremely difficult to service due to the

manufacturing technology, material and methodology.


Failure Modes

Hard disk may fail logically or physically . In general, it is harder to service a physically damaged disk and hence the cost of recovery will be higher.


Operating System

The operating system s are many and varied. Recovering data from a UNIX file system will be more difficult and costly than from a Windows operating System. Some recovery may even involve "legacy" system and may need to be treated as a special project.


User's Attempts

Attempts by the users or inexperienced persons to recover data may cause more damage to the media. Very often, in order to recover data from damaged media, earlier user's action has to be reversed and this may add additional costs as a result.


Special User's Requirement

Some recovery jobs may have special requirements. For instance, the disk could be from a special machine and therefore one may need to recover the booting operating system besides the data. In other instance, besides the normal disk failure, the customer may have special encrypted file system so recovering data from it could be a challenge.


In general, the pricing does not depend on the amount of data recovered. It depends on job complexity as outline above. Special User's Requirement



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