Data recovery first aid

Stop using the computer or media that is believed to have lost Data, If yours is a case of format, deletion or any other logical factor, you risk over-writing the vital data that is believed to have been lost when you continue using the same media. If you have a physical problem where-by your hard disk makes funny noises or cannot even be recognized by the computer BIOS, this would make the problem worse by continued powering of the same hard disk.


Avoid short-cuts, call a specialist. At Compfix Data Ltd. we have highly trained experts who will always be there to offer free initial consultation and free laboratory analysis of your media and advise where applicable.


Since the year 2003 Compfix has been recovering vital information (Data) for clients ( see clients ) ranging from small and medium business, NGOs, Government Institutions to Corporate sector. We've since handled all cases related to data loss and we strongly understand how important your data is, so whatever the problem you have with your data, we strictly advice you not to trust just anyone with your problem. We've received several Media that have been tampered by inexperienced persons


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Compfix Data Limited, a privately owned data management firm that provides proven solutions for disaster recovery, retention, security and discovery of electronic information. Our innovative technologies combined with flexible deployment options form solutions to solve organizations' most rigorous compliance and data management problems. .

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Compfix Data Ltd. has relaunched the new look corporate website. The site which include other data management solutions that we offer in the market such as online backup for SMBs, Network security, secure data wiping and data consolidation

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